05:01 – We MADE it! We’re there. Kristen Chenoweth and Seth MacFarlane sing ‘To The Losers’. It’s a nice little number to end on. Nice Bradley Cooper joke for Hangover 4. So what do we make of Seth? He did pretty well. If you like Family Guy, you will love it. If not, you may find it a bit tough going. However, there were lots of good winners and I can’t remember an Oscars with nicer speeches. Congrats to Argo, Life of Pi, Les Mis, Django, Skyfall (woo!), Lincoln and SLPlaybook for their wins. Richly deserved.

Thank you Greece and the United Kingdom – all 150 odd of you. Amazingly kind of you all.

Also, not to brag – I only got one wrong in my predictions. Just saying.

From all of us here – just me – GOOD NIGHT!

04:59 – Mr. Affleck’s speech is rushed after Grant Heslov’s touching speech to his director. No real mention of Canada sadly so here’s a flag for them.


04:55 – Strangely we have Michelle Obama and Jack Nicholson to introduce this one. Unbelievable. And here we go. It’s Argo. ARGO!


04:50 – Bless all his  cotton socks. So deserved and so expected but absolutely bless him for being so genuine. He’s still hilarious. “I was originally first choice for Thatcher”. Ha. It’s so late and somehow he still entertains me. That’s a good actor.


04:46 – As with the Anne Hathaway award earlier for being Anne Hathaway. Let’s have the Daniel Day-Lewis award for being Daniel Day Lewis. All joking aside, he’s other-worldly.

04:44 – JENNIFER LAWRENCE. Fantastic win! And she fell up the stairs and she still gets a standing ovation! That’s talent right there. She’ll go far this one. Man she’s got an Oscar and she’s not even 22. Dayum. Brilliant win.


04:42 – Best Actress? Who will take it? I don’t actually know this time.

04:38 – He’s amazing. Love that man. Is it Life of Pi’s year? Could it be? Oh this has become so exciting now. It’d be one hell of a shock, and the Academy would be making a big statement being so different to other award ceremonies.

04:32 – A JOKE – Huzzah! Well, kinda. Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda – both looking good for their age. And that’s meant in the nicest way possible. OH YAY. Ang Lee. YAY.


04:26 – Best Original Screenplay is of course Mr Tarantino’s  There was no question. And for good reason.


04:23 – Seth seems to have stopped making jokes. Some say he may never have started. It’s Best Adapted Screenplay. ARGO! Chris Terrio nervously sweating his way through his speech.

04:21 – How is it this time in the morning?! We’re almost  there. I can taste Affleck’s Best Picture acceptance speech.

04:18 – Adele for the win. Best Original Song – Skyfall by Adele and Paul Epworth.

04:17 – Best Original Song – surely, surely it must be Skyfall. There’s no other option – is there? Whilst we wait for the winner to be announced, here’s the best photobomb so far. 


04:11 – Life of Pi is the winner. Mychael (why the Y?) Danna for  the win.

04:08 – There was a bit of a delay there. ADVERTS. Here’s the cast of Chicago. Why not? They’re here. Might as well use them. Best Original Score – I’m intrigued for this one. Life of Pi/Lincoln/Skyfall?

04:01 – Barbra Streisand here now to sing ‘Memories’. Very touching segment all in all. Always is.

03:57 – George Clooney out to present the In Memorian tribute. Sad times.   So many big names sadly no longer with us. Adam Yaunch, Michael Clarke Duncan, Tony Scott and the list does, sadly, go on and on.


03:55 – ADVERTS!

03:51 – Salma Hayek introduces the highlights of the Governor’s Awards. Jeffrey Katzenberg – what a man.

03:49 – Sorry about the delay there. Somewhat marvelled by Bullock below. Lincoln gets it first gong for the night. Best Production Design. Damn my first mistake.



03:43 – Nothing really happened for a while there. Nicole Kidman now. Some Best Pictures nominees now. Silver Linings Playbook, Django Unchained and Amour.

03:35 – And it’s time for THAT song by THAT woman. It’s Skyfall by Adele.


03:32 – Best Film Editing – Sandra Bullock on stage now – it’s for ARGO! Is this the beginning of the award landslide?


03:30 – As I mentioned earlier, the students behind the scenes who won the opportunity to work with the Academy and hand out tonight’s golden statues. Lovely nod to them. They’ve done a lovely job tonight. Here’s to them for the future!

03:26 – Lovely little speech by Anne. She seems genuinely humbled by it all. Going to need some new shelves in her house though. Well played Anne.

03:23 – JACKI WEAVER?! No. Of course, it was Anne.


03:20 – Now it’s the Anne Hathaway award for Anne Hathaway-ness

03:19 – Random skit of the Von Trapp joke. Not as good as Shatner but heck it’s a grand intro for Christopher Plummer.

03:17 – YAY SKYFALL! An Oscar-winning Bond film. Brilliant.

Skyfall Classic Poster

03:14 – Best Sound Editing  – A TIE – Oh my! Brilliant! Wow. I can’t remember the last time this happened. Zero Dark Thirty gets one. But who’s number two?! When did Best Sound Editing become the most exciting category?!

03:13 – And they win! Also I’ve predicted every category right so far. I wish I’d put money on it or something. Damn… Oh well, yay for British films.

03:12 – Best Sound Mixing now. It’d be damn unfair if Les Mis didn’t win!

03:06 – Ad break again. On My Own here blogging away. Ha! How you enjoying it so far? Also – that was the highlight so far I reckon. Jackman’s a terrific singer so it’s always a bonus.

03:01 – Jackman – looking stunning – is joined slowly by her co-stars. Hathaway singing the song that will win her an Oscar. Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried there. Samantha Barks (only 20!) set for amazing things follows. Adrian Veidt looks like Scarface from the original 1920s picture. AMAZING. Standing ovation there.

03:00 – Standing ovation there. But still, Bassey was just better – mainly due to the class factor. And here’s what we’ve been waiting for folks – the LES MIS MASH UP!


02:57 – Time for Dreamgirls now. Jennifer Hudson singing her lungs out.

02:55 – We begin CZJ coming out singing All That Jazz from Chiacgo. Looking rather stunning. Sounding excellent as well.

02:52 – John Travolta now. Here’s comes a musical bit. He looks surprisingly…healthy.

02:51 – My hat is safe.

images (2)

02:50 – Jessica Garner and Chastain on now. Walking in sync as well… Best Foreign Language Film now. If it’s not Amour, I’ll eat my hat.

02:46 – This Jaws gag. I dunno. Funny once. On the second, and third go… starting. to. drag.


02:45 – Best Documentary – YAY – Searching  for Sugar Man. Very pleased about this. No complaints whatsoever. Excellent winner. Although, wish The Imposter had been up for it too.


02:42 – Seth’s not as strong as he began. I guess Family Guy works well in short bursts but over 3 hours. Eh… Still much better than James Franco.

02:41 – Also Lincoln promoted by Liam Neeson. What could’ve been.


02:38 – Liam Neeson now. Looking SO badass. Three more Best Film nominees now. Argo, Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty – the strongest of the field in yours truly humble opinion.

02:37 – These awards are always nice as they have the most genuine people. Tears, hugs and everything. Beautiful.

02:33 – Best Documentary Short Subject now – these are the awards waaaay down at the bottom in all the Oscar articles tomorrow. Innocente – the winner!

02:31 – And we’re back. Seth is praising the producers and the director now. Here comes Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx – it’s Best Live Action Short. It goes to Curfew!

02:27 – She is so good. Damn right, it’s a standing ovation.

02:24 – Oh it’s Dame Shirley Bassey. Lovely lass. Wow, she looks fine and of course, has the lungs to beat anyone down.

02:22 – Here comes the Bond tribute. Introduced by Halle Berry. Clearly Madonna wasn’t available.

02:20 – New favourite moment. Not at the  event, but by Donald Trump.


02:17 – Was that Best Make Up? Yeah let’s go with  that. Unsurprisingly it goes to Les Miserables. Not undeserved though. Excellent work on all the main leads. Congrats you Brits!

02:16 – Jennifer Anniston and Channing Tatum now on for Best Costume Design. And it goes to Anna Karenina! Well, that’s a turn up but still nice.

02:15 – That’s left a rather sour taste in my mouth that. Not cool.


02:13 – A bit more on what the guys were saying before they were cut off. The studio the guys worked for filed for bankruptcy at the beginning of the year. Here’s hoping the Oscar wins does something for the budgets.

02:12 – Oh my Jaws music… that was an awkward cut off. Man I feel sad now.

02:10 – Life of Pi picks up another win for Best Special Effects. Not really that surprising considering how good Richard Parker looks. Two wins so far. Is it Life of Pi’s night? Also love SLJ’s  “Damn, superhero can’t even get the award open”.

02:07 – Claudio Miranda for Life of Pi (Best Cinematography). Seems a very sweet and humble guy.


02:06 – Ooh the Avengers are here. Charming and dazzling fellas but Samuel L Jackson is looking damn smooth in velvet.

02:05 – Big shout out to Dwight Henry tonight. Not recognised but delivers an unbelievable performance in Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Beasts Dwight Henry

02:02 – I really did like Life of Pi. Okay it’s not all guns blazing but god I love it. Also, bit of a spoiler in the clip…

02:01 – Reese Witherspoon is out to present 3 Best Film nominees. Life of Pi, Les Miserables and Beasts of the Southern Wild. I fear we’re going to see some live singing any time soon.

02:00 – Brave is the Best Animated Film winner. Strange it’s so soon. Strange it’s that choice. Oh well. Can’t win em all.

01:58 – Ignoring those two. A lovely win for Paperman. It’s utterly glorious. The best of Wreck It Ralph.


01:57 – And we’re back. Melissa McCarthy and Paul Rudd doing some strange voices here. Bear with.

01:52 – So what do you think so far? Is anyone out there? Get in touch at @DavidBrake90

01:52 – No more smiles from Tommy Lee Jones tonight…

01:51 – IT”S CHRISTOPH! 1/1 SO FAR!


01:49 – It’s an award! Stop everything. Octavia Spencer’s doing it. Money’s on Waltz.

01:47 – Now doing a ‘Be Our Guest’ number – he’s building it up now. Also, I’m definitely in favour of Shatner sitting behind him for the entire time.

01:44 – Sally Field here now. Seth’s now a flying Nun complimenting Sally Field on her hotness. She’s pretty hot but this bit is the only wobbly bit… She’s a bloody good sport though.


01:42 – JGL, Seth and Daniel Radcliffe on stage singing ‘High Hopes’. It’s a strong start by the host. Class mixed with random humour. And heck, all these songs are just so damn catchy.

01:41 – Now re-enacting Flight with Sock Puppets. This is what taking LSD must be like. LOVE IT. Better script than the original…

01:40 – #WeSawYourBoobs is trending. If you just tuned in, this must be the most surreal thing.

01:38 – Fair play to the man. That Boobs song was genius.

01:36 – It’s Shatner. I don’t know why. Also a song about BOOBS!

download (2)

01:35 – Seth MacFarlane: “Amour is nominated.Or as I call it, This Is 90”

01:34 – Really? Rihanna joke. Doing so well till then…

01:33 – Hey, hey leave Jean DuJardin out of it! He’ll be in The Monuments Men and The Wolf of Old Street later this year!

01:31 – Nice set. Best opening joke ever. Also slipping in a Ben Affleck snub joke already. Two for two already.

01:30 – Need a live stream? GO! GO! GO!

01:28 – LET IT BEGIN! And also FYI Best Supporting Actor will be up first. Removes the tension a little but good to get it out the way.

01:24 – Kristen Chenoweth is inside now. Theatre’s filling up nicely. She’s done an awesome job so far. Also, fun fact – she’s born in a place called ‘Broken Arrow’. Brilliant.


01:22 – Here’s someone who could cause a BIG upset tonight. The lovely Emmanuelle Riva. For those who haven’t seen her performance, she’s phenomenal. And she looks great as an 86 year old stunner! My nan’s 83 and is confined to a wheelchair (love that woman) so respect to Riva. And my nan.


01:18 –  Best Dressed person- SHOCK – Jennifer Lawrence. Could hardly disagree but still I imagine her fan base had a good hand in that.

01:16 – Oh my DDL. Looking SO sharp in that tux. SO SHARP.

01:15 – Slightly over flirtatious Kelly Rowland there with Jamie Foxx. Daughter looks on awkwardly. However, he does seem a very proud father and he’s bloody brilliant in Django. Will it walk away with Best Originally Screenplay? (Yes. Of course it will).

01:14 – Harvey Weinstein – modest as ever – “I’m no God”. However, you could be tricked into thinking so as Silver Linings Playbook, Django Unchained and so many more owe their Oscar success to the big man.


01:09 – For the first time now, I can sense the actual ceremony getting closer. Please hold on with me. And talk to me… HA! Get in touch on Twitter at @DavidBrake90.

01:08 – Adele there. “I feel like Beyonce”. Good for you Adele. Good for you. Nevertheless, Skyfall is cracking tune and she’s going to win an Oscar tonight. So 1-0 to her.

01:06 – George Clooney now. The grey is growing. Charming as ever. Still would.

01:05 – With a new favourite quote, we have a new favourite photo. Here’s Jennifer Lawrence looking down on Kristen Stewart. OH happy days.


01:02 –  New favourite quote of the night. DeNiro: “I like people who like me… unless they’re crazy, or whatever.” I like it when a celebrity doesn’t even pay attention anymore.


01:01 – Ben Affleck’s arrived! Yay! I can’t wait for him to pick up Best Director. He’s really struggled this award season so I hope he gets the recognition he deserves on the biggest stage.

00:56 – No sign of Rupert Grint yet…

00:54 – Daniel Radcliffe. Bless him. He’s so polite and just seems a genuine lovely chap. Also, his 2013 looks awesome and genuinely intriguing. Check it.


00:53 – Chris Evans is with mum too! YAY! 2 mums and counting!

00:51 – ABC have got a countdown on. 38 minutes to go. Believe people. I wonder how Seth MacFarlane is feeling now. Taking all bets, he begins with a song!

00:50 – Okay, okay – it’s time for some actual pretty pictures of people on here. Find some nice looking people below!



00:42 – Nice note of this year’s ceremony – instead of hot models this year, film students will be bringing out the Oscars this year. Nice and classy touch. Here’s the full story.


00:37 – It’s Bradley Cooper. With his mum! Yay! How nice. Also someone who’s the same height as Kristen Chenoweth! Amazing.

00:35 – Nice Google montage now of all 2012’s greatest treats. It’s rather lovely. Will link when it becomes available.

00:32 – Below we mentioned the motherly love of Sally Field to JGL. But is it something more? Good old Buzzfeed are already all over it. Fast work there. Here’s the link.

00:30 – Also, if you’re looking for a UK stream – here you go. It’s ABC’s coverage if you’re interested.

00:26 – Lots of opportunity for upcoming films because let’s face it in March, people just give up on cinema. However, here’s the trailer for the (delayed) Jack and the Giant Slayer staring Nicholas Hoult.

00:25 – If you’re bored, and want to keep me company (please…) – get in touch with me on Twitter @DavidBrake90

00:22 – Catherine Zeta-Jones and a much healthier looking Michael Douglas have just appeared admitting she’ll be involved later on. Singing. Intersting…

00:20 – One image I don’t mind showing is this:


Sally Field doing JGL’s bow tie. BRILLIANT.

00:18 – My god, Kristen Chenoweth is only 4 foot 11! This isn’t too recognizable until an almost 6 foot (in heels, granted) towers over her. Oh, happy days.

00:15 – Red carpet pictures coming in thick and fast. I’m lazy and one man. IMDb are several and not so lazy. Here’s hundreds of images to oggle at. http://www.imdb.com/oscars/galleries/2013-oscars-redcarpet-photos?ref_=hm_rto_t1&page=2

00:14 – Quvenzhane Wallis gets her first red carpet interview. Clearly the presenters have had some good rehearsal on her name. She’s brill. She’s boasting how she wanted to be a dentist and is loving staying up late. Either way, she’s a winner as she was cast as the title role in the new Annie earlier today.

00:10 – Amanda Seyfried wearing Alexander McQueen. I actually know that designer! Yay! However, apparently her organs are being squashed. That’s less good. I liked her in Mean Girls.

00:07 – Channing Tatum eloquent as ever stating that the Oscars “were cool…yeah…I mean, it’s cool”. Smooth.

00:05 – If you’re wondering, the ceremony actually begins at 1:30 GMT. Right now, we’re going to have a LOT of dresses.

00:03 – Best quote so far – Jennifer Lawrence “Is there food here?” Nice one for her fan base there.

00:00 – And we’re off! The Red Carpet is in full flow, and this may or may not be a live link to that carpet. (It is.) http://www.stream2watch.me/the-85th-academy-awards-oscars-live-stream

11:45 – It’s time. The biggest event of the film calendar is upon us. The great and glorious of the film world will descend upon the Kodak Theatre. I’ll be here through the night to blog about it all with you. If you want to get in touch, shout me at @DavidBrake90 on Twitter. Tune back in 12am for the big kick off. Until then, check out these dazzling Oscar related pieces by yours truly here and here.



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