Casting Call – Wonder Woman


In Casting Call we take a look at some upcoming features that don’t yet have certain parts cast. Then we suggest a number of options and await a cheque in the mail from Mr Hollywood Pictures Inc.

There is a certain film in production which features a rather super man, if you will, facing off against another man haunted by the death of his parents. Both wear a cape, sport a distinctive crest and have chins you could cut ice with. One is Batman, the other is Superman. You choose which.

Still, there have been rumblings that another fairly significant casting decision could soon be made; feelers have gone out for a “tall, brunette, athletic and exotic” actress to play a “physically strong” character. Could be for Wonder Woman, sure. Could be for Attractive Bystander #4. But we’re going to assume it’s Wonder Woman and think about who could fill her boots. Now, fill yer boots! Here are the potentials:

Jennifer Garner

If Ben Affleck gets a chance to leave past Marvel indiscretions behind then why shouldn’t his co-star in this film we call life (and to a lesser extent his co-star in the film we call Daredevil), Jennifer Garner? Sure, Mr Affleck might not have the best luck in the world acting alongside a partner of his – Gigli, Jersey Girl, the aforementioned double D – but shitening rarely strikes four times. At least in the same place.

Oh, and if you wish to reduce casting to such vulgarities, Garner fits the bill from an aesthetics point of view; she has the looks, the strength and the experience, much like…

Meryl Streep

If all the fuss around the casting of Doctor Who demonstrated anything, it was that the world is a progressive place. The kids don’t want some copy-pasted actor just because they carry the same suit measurements as whoever came before. No, they want real change.

So yeah, why can’t Wonder Woman be sixty-four? What matters is getting the right actor for the role, and no one can hold a candle to Meryl Streep. Few can boast of facing down Nazi guards, the Catholic Church and the fashion industry. Could she soon be adding the Son of Krypton to that list? Our sources say yes.

Amy Adams


Lois Lane has been Wonder Woman this whole time? Now that’s a twist even the sniffiest moviegoer won’t see coming, and one guaranteed to rake in the punters. If Snyder really is a visionary, he’d take a running chance at doubling down on Adams’ versatility.

Plus, there’s a financial incentive for sticking to what you know; snagging two actresses for the price of one would allow all manner of buildings to be destroyed in a frankly disappointing finale that doesn’t know the meaning of less is (sometimes) more.

Chris Hemsworth

Rush is a critical success and Thor: The Dark World has done gangbusters stateside; Chris Hemsworth has that intangible quality known to some as “it” and to others as “a kickin’ bod”. Add that he meets all the criteria – tall, exotic, athletic, physically strong, arms to envelop you, eyes to get lost in – and he’s the dream(y) ticket.

Admittedly there is one potential obstacle, but it’s not as if someone can’t switch between franchises; Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool before Green Lantern and Affleck himself dabbled in Daredevil before Batman. Even Jamie Alexander is being considered for the role, fresh from work on The Dark World. Hemsworth, your time is now.

Tuppence Middleton

Having recently been “seen” in Sky 1’s Sinbad and seen in Channel 4’s Black Mirror, the time might just be right for she of the oh-so-praised forename to follow fellow Brit Henry Cavill into inter-planetary combat. That she first trod the boards at my own alma mater and would give me a mildly interesting anecdote barely comes into play. I am a professional, and nepotism plays little part in this business of show.

Hey look, I even have a Christmas Carol Service card she designed in 1997! You could see the talent back then.



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