The Case Against 8 – Sundance London Review


The Case Against 8 is a never more than ordinary documentary about a never less than extraordinary series of events.

Needless theatricality proves to be its main undoing. In one scene, Ted Olson reads back one of his responses from court (with treacle thick smugness). You can almost see a translucent American flag fluttering nobly behind him. Ridiculous.

And as for the music. Most of it sounds as if it has just been flayed straight from a Simon Cowell produced, Saturday evening tearjerker. It isn’t so much a moving score as it is an audition for an X-Factor weepy.

The Case Against 8, or at least its content, is far too important to be depicted as an overly long reality television sob story. Justice may have been served. Its story, sadly, has not.




DIRECTOR: Ben Cotner, Ryan White

SYNOPSIS: A behind-the-scenes look inside the case to overturn California’s ban on same-sex marriage. Shot over five years, the film follows the unlikely team that took the first federal marriage equality lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court.





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