Mrs. Browns Boys D’Movie – Review

mrs brown

Every once in a while, a comedy comes along which takes you by surprise and treats you to some good wholesome entertainment. Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie is not such a case. It joins the long list of moronic comedies which have made the ill-fated transition from TV to film.

Throughout this turgid affair, the audience is forced to endure a trickle of infantile gags, none of which hit their mark. Every second spent watching this film is a second wasted. Frankly it’s hard to condense in 100 words the level of hatred caused by this film.

Ignore Mrs Brown’s pleas to book your tickets and stay as far away from this film as possible. Hopefully if the word spreads fast enough, this nauseatingly poor film will fade into our collective memory and we can pretend as if it never really happened. 




CAST: Brendan O’Carroll, David Armand, Richard Attlee, Robert Bathurst

DIRECTOR: Ben Kellett

WRITERS: Brendan O’Carroll

SYNOPSIS: Mrs Brown’s fruit and veg stall faces closure unless she can prove her ancestor paid a distant tax bill.


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