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Welcome to OneRoomWithAView.com. Reviews in 100 words. Features in a few more.

The Writers:

David: I’m a film fanatic with a penchant for 1940s comedies and ’90s Hollywood blockbusters. Having founded One Room With A View to combat the depression of the job market, it has now become a thing of beauty aided by a lot of help from my friends. Follow me on Twitter (@DavidBrake90)

Andy: While not writing about films or music, I’m an aspiring lawyer; the writing about films bit is often a little more fun. I also performs as part of a choir in London and play banjo for a folk band, whilst currently co-writing a musical. Favourite films include The Hudsucker Proxy, Dead Man’s Shoes and the Naked Gun Trilogy (sorry)(not sorry). Check me out on Twitter (@andyjsmith123)

Cameron: Currently working as freelance photo/videographer, the majority of my time is spent in a darkened room clicking pixels. In my spare time I enjoy visiting larger, more expensive darkened rooms in an effort to witness the results of other people’s clicked upon pixels. With a primary attraction to cult cinema, and a degree in film analysis behind me, writing for One Room With a View is a welcome reprieve from some of the more tedious aspects of self-”employment”. Follow me on Twitter (@cameroniscold)

Christopher: Believer in cinema, boxset enthusiast, abuser of Cineworld’s Unlimited Card offer. I joined One Room With A View in the height of 2013’s BFI London Film Festival, and haven’t looked back since. I am currently taking a leisurely stroll through the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, and co-host The One Room With A View Show every fortnight (I’m the noisy one, responsible for those dreadful live jingles). Follow me on Twitter (@ThePrestonite).

Conor:  I am yet another University of Exeter graduate, also in Film Studies. Writing for One Room With A View is a thoroughly enjoyable arena in which to actually make use of some of the stuff I learnt. I watch all sorts of film but I have a particular fondness for animation, black comedies, films where nothing really happens and any romantic comedy with John Cusack in. When not watching films I enjoy animated TV shows, black comedy series, Mad Men and Serendipity whenever it’s on Channel 5. My Twitter is @garconmoron, but I wouldn’t expect too much from it if I were you.

Hugh: Another proud yet pesky University of Exeter graduate. I’d describe myself as an amateur Bond academic, advocate of realistic on screen combat, and aspiring action hero. Alongside trying to start a career in the film industry, I spend my days pretending to be Bond, trying to stay fit, and indulging my vociferous appetite for all things literary relating to special forces. I am currently writing the ’12 Rounds With…’ series. You can follow me on Twitter (@HughBlackstaffe)

Lina: I am a London-based postgraduate and currently work as an intern for various production companies. Writing about film has always been an important part of my love for the cinema, whether in the form of essays during my Film Studies MA at King’s College or my work as a culture editor for a Munich-based radio station. My articles for ORWAV are strongly influenced by my interest in cinephilia, film history as well as historical film. In my spare time I like to see friends, travel, go to gigs, and laugh at silly videos of animals falling over.

Maddie: Having poured my heart and soul into Exeter Campus Cinema, and an English degree comprised of more film modules than anything else, it’s become pretty obvious where my heart lies. When I’m not forcing my feminist agenda on unwitting passers by, or indulging my love of hilariously terrible films, I’m aspiring to work in film/TV production. Having written an EPQ on dystopian fiction, a (terrible) dystopian novel at 18, and a dissertation on feminist utopias, the ‘Maybeland’ feature is the best way for me to make use of all that, and make sure you’re just as worried about the collapse of civilisation as I am.

Olivia: I’m a freshly graduated student who generally could be found haunting Blockbuster’s bargain bins until its unfortunate demise in December ’13. My love of film has been carefully cultivated by my unending pretence that I’m in one and an accidental five year subscription to Empire magazine. Other than attempting to ‘work in TV’ and writing for ORWAV, I spend my time guiltily watching noughties rom-coms on Netflix, being depressed over how bad Man of Steel was and playing acoustic covers of Lady Gaga on my guitar. Follow me on Twitter if you like @olivialuder – my retweets are pretty cracking.

Patrick: Like many of my esteemed colleagues, I too graduated from the University of Exeter, where I helped to run an on campus cinema to distract me from finding a job. When waxing not so lyrically about all things film related, I enjoy reading, running and alliteration as well as playing distinctly mediocre tennis. You can find some of my early ORWAV musings in the ‘Best Films Never Made’ section. Stalk me on Twitter (@taylopat)

Rachel: I’ve just graduated from the University of Oxford, where I spent a fair chunk of my time writing and editing for the Screen section of The Oxford Student newspaper, running a film society and joyfully promoting the Phoenix Picturehouse in exchange for free cinema tickets. I shoehorned film into my English degree as much as I could, including a linguistics essay on the construction of gender and power in Mean Girls. My favourite films are usually indie dramas and often star Ellen Page. Here on ORWAV I’ll be writing ‘Welcome to the Eighties’, an ongoing feature looking at the handling of various themes in ‘80s cinema. Follow me on Twitter: @FilmSceneExtra.

Sophie: Writer, reader, and TV maker, juggling my One Room With A View duties with being a Young Writer at the Lyric Hammersmith theatre, a development assistant and script reader across film and TV, and a part-time runner on BBC Radio 4 sitcoms (yeah, I do that one with Benedict Cumberbatch). On days off I do pretty much all the things I do when I’m working, splitting time between TV boxsets, cinema trips, and buying cheap under-26 tickets for every theatre in London. For ORWAV you’ll find me combining my love of literature and film into By The Book. Follow me on Twitter (@miztransmission)

Stephen: My film credentials revolve around having watched each season of Entourage at least three times and knowing that Emily Watson and Emma Watson are probably different people. I like Seth Rogen’s laugh and Michelle Monaghan’s nose. My largely inactive twitter is @IzzyIronic, and my scrawlings that either aren’t about films or not good enough for ORWAV can be found here.

Tom: I’m an occasionally employed English graduate and film fan, fighting my way towards an inevitably lucrative career as a writer. I also work in TV production whenever I can, after first discovering the joys of making my own shows at university. My favourite films are funny, ambitious and full of heart, and my signature article for ORWAV is The Citizen Kane of Awful, because real life doesn’t provide enough outlets for my sarcasm. Follow me on Twitter (@tom_bond)

Tori: I like old films (silents-sixties), old artifacts, old culture, old music, old fashion and old manners.  To earn my crust I work at a hotel, as a barmaid, and as a manager/publicist for a professional singer.  I indulge my true inclinations towards acting and writing through a Foundation course in Acting, writing for websites including ORWAV, the local drama scene, and a traineeship at Vamos, a professional masked theatre company.  I am jolly pleased to (conveniently) be writing a script for them based on local experiences of 1950s cinema, one of my favourite eras for film. Follow me on Twitter (@dinotaur)

The YouTube Team:

Cambria: I am a third year Psychology student at Exeter University who, despite my degree title, spends more time in the university’s student media office than in the Psychology building. After three years caught in the whirlwind of student television, I enjoy working both on and off screen – although, more often than not, I end up in front! As well as presenting I also act, and even write occasionally. Follow me on Twitter (@CambriaBailey) and check out my portfolio here: http://www.cambriabaileyjones.co.uk/

Jamie: I am soon to be a free university student, but am really just a full time video person. Basically I just mess around with cameras and see what I end up with. Because of this I have ended up dabbling in pretty much everything you can do behind the scenes, even a little bit of photography. Follow me on Twitter (@jmacleod92) and check out my previous work here: http://www.jamiemacleod.net/

The Podcast Team:

Dan and Christopher: Dan and Christopher met at university and bonded over a shared love of film and television box sets. For two years they hosted Friday Night Film on Exeter’s student radio station Xpression FM, and after graduating spent a year thinking of ways to bring it back. That’s when they decided to muscle in on the success of One Room with a View Show, and the show was born. When not chatting rubbish about movies with Chris, Dan works as a video producer. No one knows what Christopher does; and quite frankly, we wouldn’t want to ask.

The podcast is recorded every fortnight and can be downloaded from iTunes free of charge.

Follow Dan (@MisterOrton) and Christopher (@theprestonite)


Think you’d like to join the team? Shout me through the contact form below and we’ll take it from there.


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  2. Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama :)

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